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Revolutionizing Caregivers’ Mental Health:
Unveiling MindCare’s Impactful Journey to the Future

Drumroll, please! Introducing ‘MindCare: Proactive Mental Health Support for Caregiving Communities’, an initiative dedicated to preempting and alleviating mental health challenges faced by caregivers. Teaming up with FWD Takaful, this dynamic campaign aims to crush the stigma and challenges encountered by caregivers, such as parents, childcare providers, and elderly care workers, alongside our  corporate partners. With a laser focus on Kiddocare’s bustling community, consisting of approximately 70,000 parents and care workers, this initiative promises to become their ultimate health sidekick, supporting not only them but their entire families too.

Officially launched on Wednesday, 22nd November 2023, ‘Mindcare: Proactive Mental Health Support for Caregiving Communities’ is an ongoing initiative, dedicated to nurturing the mental and emotional well-being of caregivers. MindCare is a platform where caregivers can find instant support. It will act as a safe space, where they can find help, guidance, access to experts and free assessment of their mental health using FWD Takaful’s FWD Mind Strength programme, a first-in-market digital health solution. This initiative raises awareness about mental health’s significance and acts as a comprehensive support system. In addition to the dedicated MindCare microsite covering various mental health topics, we extend this initiative across social media platforms, on-ground events, and partnerships with certified experts and medical professionals providing valuable insights and exercises to aid caregivers in maintaining their mental health.

Key Features of this Campaign:

a. MindCare Microsite: The MindCare Hub, a dedicated microsite, provides parents and caregivers access to mental health resources, assessments, and expert insights. This hub serves as a comprehensive, easily accessible resource for those seeking guidance and support.

b. Conversational Videos – Care to Talk: Hosted by the one and only, Che Puan Sarimah Ibrahim, this series of videos features discussions with parents, professional caregivers, mental health experts and professionals. These conversations aim to share experiences, insights, and strategies for managing stress and mental well-being. It seeks to encourage open conversations about mental health, promoting the idea that discussing it is not only acceptable but essential.

c. Expert-Led Insights: Engaging 1-minute short videos include ‘JomAskXpert’ and ‘Mythbuster.’ JomAskXpert brings diverse experts to address common or burning questions, while Mythbuster debunks popular misconceptions surrounding mental health. These videos offer expert perspectives, addressing widespread concerns and misunderstandings about mental health.

d. Mind Strength Assessment: Encouraging caregivers, including parents, to take part in the Mind Strength Assessment, a simple, scientifically-validated evaluation accessible through FWD Takaful’s Mind Strength program. Completing this assessment leads to 5 complimentary virtual mind guidance sessions with mental health professionals.

e. On-Ground Activations: During the official launch on 22nd November 2023, 6 interactive MindCare activities were curated to promote an engaging and supportive environment. These activities offer diverse stress-relieving techniques, aiming to enhance emotional resilience, promote mindfulness, uplift moods, foster self-love, and provide personalized paths to overall mental well-being.

Embarking on a mission to champion the mental wellness of our incredible parents and caregivers, the ‘MindCare: Mental Health Support For Caregiving Communities’ campaign marks a significant leap forward. In collaboration with FWD Takaful, we’re geared up to equip you with tools, knowledge, and unwavering support. This dynamic partnership aims to leave an enduring mark on the lives of parents, caregivers, and their cherished ones.

Following the official launch of ‘MindCare: Mental Health Support For Caregiving Communities,’ you can now explore our dedicated MindCare microsite at

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