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In Malaysia, gig work encompasses more than just ride-hailing and food delivery. Providing quality care services to families is a significant aspect of the gig economy, and that’s precisely where Kiddocare steps in.

As a gig platform in Malaysia, we connect parents with trained and background-checked babysitters called Kiddocarers, offering constant monitoring for peace of mind. Despite being gig workers, we strive to empower our Kiddocarers with more than just a decent income. We pay them higher than the industry average, provide insurance, a clear career path, and other benefits often overlooked in gig work.

When parents choose Kiddocare, they contribute to the livelihood of our Kiddocarers, helping them earn a decent living. But our commitment doesn’t end there. We are dedicated to fostering empowerment and support for our Kiddocarers because we understand that when they are empowered, it reflects in the care they provide.

Raising the Bar with Training, Background Checks, and Monitoring:

Gig work doesn’t mean compromising on quality. Every Kiddocarer undergoes thorough vetting and comprehensive training to ensure they’re equipped to deliver exceptional care. From background checks to ongoing monitoring, we leave no detail overlooked in safeguarding your child’s well-being.

Opening Doors to Success with Opportunities for Growth:

While some view gig work as temporary, we aim for longevity in the childcare industry. Kiddocare doesn’t just offer gigs – we provide pathways to success. Whether through scholarships, upskilling trainings, or job opportunities with partner childcare centers, we empower Kiddocarers to pursue meaningful careers. Even if Kiddocare serves as a stepping stone for some, it’s a win for better childcare.

Caring for Our Caregivers with Social Protection and Benefits:

Most gig workers lack insurance coverage, but not at Kiddocare. We provide comprehensive insurance, offering peace of mind from the moment Kiddocarers embark on a service to their journey’s end.

Building Resilience Together through Support:

Gig work can be isolating and stressful, but at Kiddocare, we face challenges as a community. Through handholding groups, digital learning platforms, and dedicated support teams, we provide continuous support and opportunities for Kiddocarers to learn, share, and grow together.

Enriching Lives with Quality Services:

Quality always trumps quantity. By delivering premium services that exceed expectations, we provide parents with peace of mind and create opportunities for Kiddocarers to thrive.

Join the Kiddocare Movement: Where Quality Meets Compassion

In a country where over 26% of the workforce participates in the gig economy, Kiddocare aims to be more than just a gig platform – we are a community committed to excellence in childcare and empowerment for all. Join us in redefining gig work, one Kiddocarer at a time, and together, let’s elevate standards, enrich lives, and make a lasting impact in childcare.