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Did You Achieve All Your Family Resolutions Last Year?
Let’s Start Fresh With 2024!

Remember how you and your family had that longggg list of New Year’s resolutions at the beginning of 2023? Let’s ask ourselves; how many of those resolutions have you achieved? Time flies by so fast nowadays that it feels like it is our greatest enemy. Without you realizing, your resolutions were left alone by the middle of the year, in fact it could have been as early as February!

Kathy Caprino, a leadership coach and trainer said approximately 80% of New Year’s resolutions fail. Why? Because we either make unrealistic goals that are almost impossible to achieve within a one year bubble and we feel we can carry that forward to the next year or we lack a support system that will help keep us in the direction that we intend to go. 

For any resolution you would want to make; either personal or family resolutions, they need to be aligned with the SMART goals; specific, measurable, attainable, results-oriented and time-bound. Think back of your resolutions and see if they’re SMART enough. 

Jumping into 2024, have you, your spouse and children planned together for your journey for the year? 

While you might have personal health goals or dietary changes, there are ways to inspire collective family efforts towards common objectives. Here are some resolutions that can be achieved together with your family.

Make Green Everyone’s Favourite Colour

It’s every parent’s job to make your children eat healthy, but it can be hard, especially when they are picky eaters. Trying to make your family’s diet healthy overnight is not realistic nor smart. Small steps are important and one way to start is to make green as everyone’s best friend.

Associate green with good!

From when your child was just a little boy or girl, associate the color green as something good. If your child is older than 3 years old, it’s not too late to change their room color to green or associate almost anything with green. We want them to be comfortable with green. 

Veges don’t only have to be green in color, switch it up!

If your child really doesn’t like green vegetables, you can also add different coloured vegetables to their diet once a day on weekends. Your child will follow your footsteps, so be that role model, and eat vegetables yourselves! Everyone needs to commit to eating healthy. As small changes become habits for your family, you can continue to add more healthy choices to your diet. 

Break Away From Your Everyday Routine

Have you and your children ever felt like you’re stuck in a rut? One day you wake up and you just feel like you’re in a loop of an endless cycle of doing the same routines over and over again?

Your New Year’s family resolutions should include something new to break free from this cycle. Plan an activity to do something new and awesome as a family. 

Never played Twisters before? Go ahead and play together after dinner. Always take the same route to school? If there’s a different route, hit the engine and go that route even if it’s a bit further than the route you’re taking. It will create new memories in your everyday routine. 

Doing all of this together makes a huge difference. If you’re always going about your day the same way, it’s hard for you to cherish all the little moments since everything is almost the same. But if you try new things, those moments that are different are the ones that you will cherish the most.

So this 2024, get out there and be adventurous together!

Have Fun with Less!

We challenge you to have the most fun, while spending the least in 2024. Plan your budget, allocate wisely, prioritize your needs more than wants, reduce your wants, fight that inner battle and avoid as much ‘wants’ as you can. 

Brainstorm activities with your family and come up with something that doesn’t involve money to begin with. Involve your children in the process of what activities that they would want to do as a family! That will make it easier to get their buy-ins. 

So hey, those are 3 ways you can try to achieve as a family this 2024! One thing you need to know, when it comes to family’s resolutions, teamwork is everything! Just keep reminding and supporting one another. We wish you an amazing year ahead, and this time to actually achieve all your New Year Resolutions. 

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