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Concerned About Sending Your Kids Back to Daycare?

Daycare and kindergartens are now back in full operation. We now as parents have a choice to either send our young children back to developing social skills and grow their intellectual capacity in the centers of our choice.

They have been stuck at home with so little activities that could hinder their developmental progress. This is great news and even a greater decision to make as parents.

Are you ready? Surely the kids are. In fact, we too were urging for daycare centers and early learning institutions to be reopened at full force come 2021. Now it has come to a realization, but we have heard concerns from parents too.

Things You Might Be Afraid Of:

Spread of Covid-19

As you know it, the fight against Covid-19 is not yet over. The number over cases daily are still at 4 digits. Although you have been assured that the cases are amongst foreign workers, you can never be too sure because they too come to close contact in places like the supermarket, convenient stores, food shops, malls, etc.

Being Exposed to Foreign Workers

What if there’s a foreign worker working at these centers. They could be working as a cook, cleaner or temporary caregivers. What if they’re asymptomatic? What if they’re not properly tested?

Number of Children in Close Proximity

You are aware that there’s a strict SOP in place, but you also know that young children run free. What if more parents are taking the option to send their kids to the centers to be able to resume life like before? Wouldn’t there be too many kids? Or would the center reject my kid if they are at allowed capacity?

Number of Available Caregivers and Teachers

You know that times were tough in 2020 and many have lost their jobs. Even businesses and childcare centers suffered from the impact. Some had struggled to keep afloat with the cost of maintenance alone. Do they have enough manpower to cater to the number of demands for childcare at the centers? What if they accept more children than they can handle?

Things for You to Consider:

Number of Workers at the Center

You can always check beforehand to inquire about the staffing capacity of the center of your choice. They will tell you the ratios of caregiver to number of children at least. If you’re not confident then you can drop by for a spot check. It is after all you child’s safety that you are truly looking out for.

Rules of Engagements and SOPs at the Center

All centers will have to abide by the standard or enhanced SOPs set by the authorities. Ask for the rules and regulations during this time at the center. Find out how will the children interact with one another and how will the center ensure that the kids will follow the rules.

Number of Allowed Capacity

This is something you can find out beforehand so that you can explore different centers that can allocate your children. Given the high demand for childcare centers to reopen, they will definitely start to expand their capacity over time. This will allow you to set a target date for when your kids can resume activities at the centers.

You Have a Choice

If you are too worried and have little confidence still, you always have a choice to opt for home-based childcare or babysitters. You can ensure that your children will be in a safe and secure environment, while still being able to restart their developmental phase through fun activities at the comfort of their home.

Consider Us!

Perhaps you can mix and match for the experience. The choice is entirely yours as concerned parents. We understand completely. We are here to support your childcare needs the best we can.

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Whatever you decide to do, we are all for it. We do not feel that young kids should be deprived of proper growth and development. We also care for the institutions and share their burden during this time of the pandemic. With stricter SOPs and limitations to employment, we also provide child caregivers to support these institutions should they require it.

We very much stand by our children being our future.