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From Pandemic to Endemic: Navigating The Uncertainties As Parents

While the COVID-19 pandemic is slowly being managed and kept in hand, as government and society slowly comes to terms with the fact that it may be endemic, there are still many uncertainties that we will face, especially for parents in terms of childcare.

The recent news by PM Ismail Sabri that childcare centres will soon be allowed to open with full vaccination of staff and strict SOPs for example, showcased this, for many centres still are waiting for their staff to be vaccinated and some centres who have been open to support frontliners still have unvaccinated staff.

Do the centres have to wait for full vaccination? And how long? Should those centres opened for frontliners now close? To wait for vaccination of its staff?

These are the uncertainties that remain unsolved and may impact the availability of childcare for many parents who are now preparing to go to work with Phases 2 and 3 of the Pelan Pemulihan Negara slowly rolling out to more areas.

This highlights the need for backup childcare for companies for childcare is an essential benefit for their employees, and on-demand childcare to support working parents and care for their children during these uncertain times. As a working mother myself, I feel for the parents as I too had experience such uncertainties in taking care of my seven children while being an entrepreneur at the same time. And that was during the ‘old normal’, things are more uncertain now in the ‘new normal’.

This situation is exactly why I founded my on-demand childcare startup Kiddocare, so that I can help women and parents like myself get peace of mind and care for their loved ones. Pray for Malaysia and lets work together until things get better.