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Our babysitters

are professionally trained and
background vetted Malaysian women.

Babysitting services we offer

On-demand babysitter

Short term babysitting service at your location, when you need it.

Stay in nanny

Babysitting service for 24 hours or more

Travel nanny

Bring a babysitter to accompany you and your family on your travels (domestic and international).


Overnight nanny

Babysitting service starts at night. Where the babysitter will spend the night to take care of your child at home until the next morning. (Example: babysitting service starts at 9 pm – 7 am)

Pop-up nanny

Temporary childcare assistance facility set up at events, hotels, hospitals or offices, for a group of children.

Kiddocare Babysitter Malaysia

Our babysitting rates

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  • Kiddocare is an online platform to connect parents with trained babysitters. We are not a childcare centre, nor are we a childcare service provider.
  • Our babysitters are independent childcare service providers, and not Kiddocare’s employees. They have, however, undergone Kiddocare’s mandatory training and onboarding processes.
  • Our babysitters are not domestic helpers or maids.
  • They don’t do housework, chores, nor do they take care of pets or the elderly.
  • Our babysitters provide fun enrichment or learning activities, but not formal learning.
  • Babysitters are not allowed to provide their services at their own houses.
  • Traveling allowance is optional. Some carers may request for traveling allowance to subsidise their traveling costs for e-hailing service, or driving from areas that are further to attend to your booking. You may accept, negotiate or reject the amount. If you do not want to entertain any extra allowance, do specify in your booking, under “Special Requirement: no travel allowance.
  • For multiple booking packages, please refer shop.

How to book a babysitter

Download APP

Download Kiddocare APP and register your account on the app for free. No ongoing subscription fees.

Complete Profile

Fill in your personal details and complete your profile (partner, children information & emergency information)


Make your booking whenever you need! Select your preferred date & set your preference for babysitter, and you’re all set!

Our babysitters are

Malaysian women & Malaysian Permanent Resident (PR)

Background checked and security vetted.

Trained in basic childcare, CPR and first aid.

What does our Kiddocarer do?

Kiddocarer is what we call our babysitter and these are their roles.

They are not maids or helpers, and do not do housework, take care of pets or the elderly.
They travel to the client’s location for babysitting service. This can be at the customer’s house, event or any other location specified by the client.
They accompany and keep the children safe while adhering to Kiddocare’s SOP.
They engage children with fun games and enrichment activities.
They bathe, feed, clothe and ensure the cleanliness of the child as needed (light cleaning).
They provide constant updates to parents during service with monitoring from admins on duty.
Pengasuh Kiddocare Malaysia

Kiddocarers SOP

To ensure cleanliness and safety, our babysitters will follow hygienic practices recommended by MOH at all times during service.

SOP Pengasuh Kiddocare Malaysia

Changing into a new set of clothes upon arrival for service.

SOP Pengasuh Kiddocare Malaysia

Sanitizing and washing hands at regular intervals.

SOP Pengasuh Kiddocare Malaysia

Making cleanliness as a part of babysitter-child activities.

SOP Pengasuh Kiddocare Malaysia

Our Kiddocarers will bring their own eating utensils and containers.

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