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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


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What is Kiddocare?

Kiddocare is an online platform that connects and matches parents with trained and vetted Malaysian babysitters. We are not a maid or nanny agency, nor are we a childcare center or nanny marketplace. As a platform, Kiddocare carefully selects independent babysitters who would carry the Kiddocare brand. This includes providing necessary training, running background checks, imposing tests and assessments to ascertain that the babysitter is up to Kiddocare’s customers’ expectations. Our babysitter, fondly known as Kiddocarers or Carers, are subject to Kiddocare’s strict SOP during service.

All bookings for babysitting services are done via the Kiddocare app. This app can be downloaded via the Google PlayStore or Apple App Store.

Is there a sign up fee?

Signing up on Kiddocare is completely free and there is no subscription fees required.

I already have a Kiddocare account, do I have to sign up again?

No, for existing users, simply sign in on the Kiddocare App with your registered email and password.

Do we have a childcare centre?

We are not a childcare or learning centre. We are a platform that connects customers with our babysitters who will take care of your children according to your preferred time and location.

Which areas do Kiddocare cover?

As of now, our babysitting service covers in Johor, Kedah (Alor Setar), Kuala Lumpur, Melaka, Negeri Sembilan (Seremban), Pahang (Kuantan), Perak (Ipoh), Pulau Pinang and Selangor. Our service has not yet reached East Malaysia; Sabah, Sarawak and Labuan.

How much does it cost?

Our prices are as follows:

  • 2 hours – RM60
  • 4 hours – RM90
  • 6 hours – RM120
  • 8 hours – RM150
  • 10 hours – RM180
  • 12 hours – RM230

Prices displayed are for one child. RM5 will be charged for the second and third child. While RM10 will apply for the fourth and subsequent child.

Additional RM30 surcharge will be imposed on last minute booking (less than 6 hours before required service, within the operating hours 7AM – 12AM). RM30 surcharge will apply for bookings that fall on a Public Holiday or/and other days associated to that Public Holiday.

*All payments made are subject to a 7% processing fees.

Do you have a monthly package?

We do not have a monthly package at the moment, however you may purchase our bundle package via Shop.

Who are the babysitters?

Our babysitters are third party (independent) babysitters offering their service on the Kiddocare platform. All of our babysitters are Malaysian women who have undergone mandatory background check and trainings by relevant parties and experts and are certified in CPR and First Aid.

How do I know I am getting a qualified Kiddocarer?

Kiddocarers undergo mandatory on-boarding processes which include babysitting training and CPR /first aid certification developed and run by industry experts, as well as thorough background screening, health check and psychometric assessment.

What is your assurance of the safety of my child(ren)?

As a matching platform, Kiddocare will, in our best efforts, institute SOPs and measures, as well as qualifying the Kiddocarers, to minimise risks and mishaps during service. The responsibility and quality of service lies with the Kiddocarers, thus we suggest that parents provide as much guidelines as possible to the Kiddocarer, and childproof their homes. And if the service takes place outside of the home, then the parents must ensure that the place is safe for their children.

Will I know anything about my Kiddocarer before they arrive?

We will provide you with their profile.

Can I meet the Kiddocarer beforehand?

After payment has been made, we will connect you with the carer in a WhatsApp group. You will then be able to share tips with them on how to handle the children.

We also suggest that on your first sitting you arrange for the babysitter to arrive 15 minutes before you leave. You can then introduce her to your family and be in a position to see how well she relates to your children. It is usually not practical to meet a babysitter before you need her to babysit, as she may not be available when you do need a babysitter. The Kiddocarers have chosen to work with children because they enjoy it – you’ll find they are quick to put you and your family at ease.

Can we have a quick interview with the babysitter before we proceed to accept her for the booking?

We do not practice interviews. However, you may review the babysitter’s profile before you engage the babysitter. Once the client agrees to proceed and completes the payment process, the babysitter will be introduced to the client.

What would the babysitter do when my child is sleeping?

While the baby is sleeping, the babysitter will usually be close to monitor the baby, ensure that he/she is comfortable and safe. Clients may ask the carer to do chores related to the baby such as cleaning the milk bottle/feeding utensils, folding baby’s clothes or tidying up the play area. But of course, all while not being too distanced from your sleeping baby so that they can attend immediately when he/she is awake.

Can I request the babysitter to care for my child at a different location other than my house?

Yes, our babysitter is able to follow clients to any venue, as long as it is safe and with prior consent. For any events, the clients will need to provide a specific space that is safe in order for the assigned babysitter to perform her service.

My child has never been with any stranger, can your babysitter handle it?

All our babysitters come prepared to engage with the children. You can share tips about your child’s interest or hobbies, and the babysitter can arrange or prepare herself accordingly.

How to ensure that the babysitter is trustworthy?

  1. All our carers are registered with complete information.
  2. All our carers are security vetted by the PDRM from any criminal reports/records.
  3. You get updates every hour on your child’s condition and so you will be able to gauge your child’s situation. The carer only takes care of your child, and her attention will not be divided.
  4. You may have a family member around and you may install a Spycam or CCTV to give you assurance. You also may inform your neighbours to check on the babysitter at home. Of course, to address comfort issues, some parents have tried the service for short hours with them around, for observation. If you are comfortable, you may engage with the same babysitter for your next booking.

Can the babysitter care for newborns?

Our Kiddocarers are trained to care for newborns till 12 year old children. However, for babies below 7 months, an adult supervision is advised for monitoring and guidance for the first couple of hours or the first day of session. This is to address if you have specific or preferred ways and attention that you expect for your baby.

Can I request the babysitter to follow me anywhere? For example wedding or shopping?

Yes, it is permitted. The client needs to give prior information during booking for us to find you a suitable babysitter.

Can you care for autistic children?

We do have babysitters who are trained to care for autistic children. However, there are only a few of them, and they are usually booked in advance. It is advisable for the clients to add any additional information regarding their children’s condition in the special requirement section.

Does Kiddocare provide homeschool service for pre-schoolers?

We do not provide tuition or teaching. However, our babysitters may engage in activities such as reading, arts, and playing in ways that is safe, and time that is suitable to the child.

How can we know that the babysitter's free from COVID-19?

Kiddocare uses KKM/CDC self evaluation guidelines to check for symptoms. Our service SOP strictly says no carer can go on service if they have symptoms or were in close or secondary contacts with any red zone locales, infection clusters or persons diagnosed. We declare a mandatory 14-day rest-period for such cases. Some babysitters get checked in clinics to disqualify symptoms and in such cases, we also recommend rapid test kits or swab tests to be performed.

Given the rise in COVID-19 cases, what are the SOPs for babysitters during COVID-19?

Kiddocare uses KKM/CDC self evaluation guidelines to check for symptoms. Our service SOP strictly says no carer can go on service if they have symptoms or were in close or secondary contacts with any red zone locales, infection clusters or persons diagnosed. We declare a mandatory 14-day rest-period for such cases. Some babysitters get checked in clinics to disqualify symptoms and in such cases, we also recommend rapid test kits or swab tests to be performed. We do encourage our babysitters to get vaccinated and register for the present vaccination drive, some of them are already vaccinated, others are in the process of being vaccinated or still battling to get their vaccination slot.

What about the risks of both carers or clients without symptoms? How does Kiddocare handle that?

At the moment, we have asked all working carers to make a declaration on their fitness for work. We actually require both carer and parents to do this, as we try to limit risks on both sides. This declaration also includes any direct or 3rd party contact they may have with anyone positively identified as infected with Covid-19 or currently being investigated. If they have any exposure, we do not allow them to accept any jobs. Likewise with customers, we don’t allow service to be provided to them. At the point when the carer arrives for service, she would be free from any sickness. Should the client find that the carer seems sick at the time they welcome her, the client may ask the carer to leave, and we will issue a refund.

Do we need to have 2 babysitters for booking if I have more than 1 child?

Depending on the age of your children, there are limits as to what we consider safe. Under usual circumstances if there are more than 3 children between 2 to 12 years old, a second Kiddocarer is only necessary when the above guide numbers has exceeded.

How long beforehand should I make my booking?

It is advisable for you to submit a booking at least a week before the requested sessions as this allows us a sufficient time to find a suitable babysitter and also provide more babysitter options to be considered by clients.

Do we need to prepare meals for the babysitter?

Providing meals for the assigned carer is not compulsory. We would usually advise the babysitter to bring their own meals. However, we welcome the warm gesture should you decide to do so.

Can you explain your qualifying process for babysitters?

All applicants MUST be a Malaysian woman, qualified with:

  1. Early Childhood Education certification, OR;
  2. Kursus Asuhan Permata (KAP), OR;
  3. Kursus Asas Asuhan Kanak-Kanak, AND;
  4. Has relevant childcare experience, which we will clarify further on the babysitter’s profile.

Are we assigned to the same babysitter each time we need a babysitter? Or does it change every time?

You may request your preferred babysitter when submitting booking on the website. Once the booking details are confirmed, the admin will check with your preferred babysitter’s availability and advise you accordingly.

Are the babysitters able to handle EBM?

Generally, our babysitters are able to handle EBM. However, it is recommended for the client to assist if the warming process involves using certain settings on a gadget.

Does the price include transportation expenses?

Yes, the price includes transportation charges. However, if we do not have a babysitter within close proximity to the location of your choice, we will engage a babysitter from an area further away, and this will require additional transport charges.

Can I pick the babysitter from her place instead of paying for additional travel charges to cover the expenses?

You may request to do so and the in-charge admin will then check with the babysitter and if she agrees with the arrangement, we can proceed with the request.

How do I make a booking?

Bookings can be made on the Kiddocare App.

Once you have registered and completed your profile, you can proceed to book a Kiddocarer. Click the button ‘Add New Bookings’ and fill in your booking details, based on your preferences.

I can't make a booking, what do I do?

For first-time customer, you will need to complete your profile on the app after installation and registration. The information provided will be used as your primary info for your booking sessions. We advise that you take time to complete all sections and questions as this will help us to match you with the most suitable babysitters when you place your booking.

Once you have completed your profile, you can proceed to book a Kiddocarer.

Should you require further assistance, simply tap the Help button and our admins will assist you.


What are the requirements to be a Kiddocarer?

Our basic requirements are:-
1. Malaysian
2. Woman and Man
3. 18 years and above

Is there a sign-up fee?

Signing up is FREE.

However a commitment fee of RM120 will be applied once you are committed to our onboarding programme.

Included in the Fee:
🪄 1-session of Basic Childcare Training
🪄 1-session SOP Training
🪄 Work insurance coverage from Kiddocare
🪄 Background check

How much can I earn as Kiddocarer?

Earnings will only be elaborated thoroughly during the onboarding, which you will be invited to join after you’ve completed the mandatory basic training and passed the assessment. But generally, you can earn a minimum of RM40 for 2 hours booking. However, it does not multiply automatically, discounts for clients will be implemented following longer hours booking.

What’s the working hours like and where will we report to work?

With Kiddocare, working time and location is flexible according to your selection. Once you have completed everything mandatory to become a Kiddocarer, you will be added into our system and receive info regarding the bookings made by the clients.

Will we get the information of the children we will be assigned to look after?

Yes, from the details provided you can decide to choose any of the jobs that will suit your readiness and preference of child’s age, gender, location and acquired care hours. Once you accept a job, we will share your profile to the client for their confirmation should they find you suitable to their preference.

What’s the expectation like from the client?

Bear in mind as Kiddocare provides premium nanny service, communication with client is very important so to upkeep the quality of the service and ensure client is happy with what you can bring on the table. You will not cook or clean the house but must engage with the child and assist to feed, wash & look after the child according to each client’s instructions

Will the client pay for our travelling expenses?

No, Kiddocarers are responsible for their own travelling expenses. Every time you want to accept a job, you need to be sensible and decide for a location that is near to your area. You are encouraged to plan your route and travel means accordingly as well for as long as you think it works best to keep your budget minimum. However, we do allow you to request a maximum of RM50 if you need the client to assist or top up for certain extra expenses such as toll or Grab fees.

What training methods are used?

We offer both online and physical training. For participants in the KL and Selangor area, we encourage you to attend training in person to enhance your childcare skills. However, if you are from other states, worry not! You can still join us through online training.

I have KAP/ECE, do I still need to attend training?

All Kiddocarers need to undergo training provided by Kiddocare to standardize our service quality and to ensure that all of our babysitters are well prepared and trained to deliver the best service and adhere to our SOP.

How long is the onboarding session?

The duration of your onboarding journey depends on your commitment to attend training. Typically, participants take approximately 1 to 2 weeks to complete all sessions. Please note that there is a 1-month time limit to finish all training requirements.

Will I be given any training if I have no formal training in Early Childcare / Education?

Yes, you will need to attend our basic childcare training & undergo an assessment before you receive invitation to our onboarding session. The onboarding session will explain to you further regarding the service’s standard and SOP, the dos’ and don’ts, the complaints we normally receive from the client & the variety of expectations that are set. A Kiddocarer bears huge responsibility once they are on assignment.

Do we look after the children at our house?

No, Kiddocarers do not take care of the children in their own house, but must arrange to travel to the locations required by the client. In can be in the client’s house, office, clinic, event place, shopping mall, theme park, basically anywhere! Some clients may want you to meet them at their house, then will bring you elsewhere. As long as you inform us of the whereabouts & committed to general SOP conduct, you’re good to go!

Is there any insurance coverage provided?

Yes, a basic insurance coverage will be provided. You are expected to announce your departure into the service group for all admins and client to acknowledge. The insurance covers your journey from your location, throughout service period at the client’s, as well your journey returning home.

Do you provide SOCSO and EPF?

No, we don’t. But fret not, you can be guided to do this as a personal initiative. We can arrange to have an officer from both entities to hold a briefing and explain further on this matter.

Can I request for alms deduction from my monthly earnings?

As for now, we are yet to provide such assistance. However don’t worry, we’ll find out more soon!

How do we arrange for our mealtimes and breaks while in services? Say, I may need a couple of minutes to perform my prayers.

You can request from the client to work around the request. Usually, you are advised to attend to such personal needs once you are settled with the child under your care. You can arrange to get a quick meal or excuse yourself to the bathroom when the child is in nap, for instance. For Muslim carers, be mindful with your prayer breaks and do not overrun the timing! Always make sure that the child is safe in sight or nearby for you to reach immediately should any emergency occurs.

Will the clients provide for our meals?

You are always advised to arrange for your own meals. It is best that way as you may have some food allergy issues or you might be picky with your food. You can request for the client to provide useful guidelines should you want to place orders from Grabfood or FoodPanda. However, some clients would be glad to provide food for you too. Should they come up with this offer, you may accept or decline accordingly.

What additional services do you offer besides normal babysitting service?

In addition to our normal babysitting service, we offer a variety of specialized services tailored to client specific needs, such as pop-up nanny services, stand-in nanny assistance, and travel nanny support. Further details about these services will be provided during the onboarding program.

Do you provide early hand-holding support? (Early support)

Yes, we do. Initially, for the first 4 jobs, our Carer Support team will closely monitor the carers’ progress, offering support and guidance every step of the way. Carers can engage in discussions, seek advice and share their experiences within the community.

Our team is readily available to address any questions or concerns, ensuring you feel supported and confident throughout your journey of caring for families and children.