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Samsol’s dad couldn’t shake off the feeling of nostalgia as he thought about the times when he and Samsol’s mom would go on carefree dates, just the two of them. It seemed like a distant memory, something that belonged to the pre-kids era. He longed for a moment where they could focus solely on each other without worrying about their parental responsibilities.

One day, while discussing their busy schedules, Samsol’s mom mentioned Kiddocare’s overnight nanny service. The idea struck a chord with Samsol’s dad. He realized that this could be the perfect opportunity to surprise Samsol’s mom and recreate a special date night just for the two of them, as their anniversary was also approaching.

Excitedly, Samsol’s dad decided to book Kiddocare for an overnight nanny 4 days before the secret date night. He contacted Kiddocare’s Customer Support, and they quickly arranged for Kakak KC Sarah to take care of Samsol for this Saturday night.

As the weekend of the date night approached, Samsol’s mom and dad was getting ready  and the doorbell rang as Kakak KC Sarah arrived at their home, ready to spend quality time with Samsol and ensure he had a memorable experience.

Kakak KC Sarah complimented Samsol’s mom, because she dressed up all pretty, with her red dress and beautiful hair all done up. She wished Samsol’s parents a happy anniversary, and assured them not to worry about Samsol. She will do her level best to ensure Samsol enjoys his time at home!

With that, Samsol’s dad smiled as he doesn’t feel half as bad leaving Samsol at home at night, as Kakak KC Sarah will be there with him. He shared all the necessary information about Samsol’s routine, bedtime rituals, and favorite activities with Kakak KC Sarah. He wanted Samsol to feel comfortable and at ease throughout the night. It is also so that Samsol would not feel like his bedtime routine had to be disrupted if mom and dad weren’t there. It would act as a sense of comfort for Samsol as well, and Kakak KC would have an easier time caring for Samsol. 

With Samsol’s parents off on their much-anticipated date night, Kakak KC Sarah took charge. She engaged Samsol in a variety of activities tailored to his interests, such as playing board games, building forts with blankets and pillows, and even having a mini dance party in the living room. Throughout the day, Kakak KC Sarah continued to keep Samsol engaged with fun and educational activities. They worked on arts and crafts projects (Samsol’s favorite!), played games, and even had a picnic lunch out on the balcony.  

Before bedtime, Kakak KC Sarah tucked Samsol in and read his favorite bedtime stories. She created a cozy atmosphere, complete with dimmed lights and soothing background noise (Samsol loves the sound of rain!), to ensure a peaceful and relaxing night.

In the meantime, Samsol’s mom and dad had a peaceful night out, just the two of them. Kakak KC Sarah continuously updated them throughout the night, and Samsol slept peacefully throughout the night with Kakak KC Sarah by his side. 

The next morning, Samsol’s parents awoke with hearts filled with joy and gratitude for their wonderful night out. Samsol woke up to the smell of freshly made pancakes (his favorite!). His parents had prepared a delicious breakfast, and they enjoyed it together, with Kakak KC Sarah while sharing stories and laughter. Samsol excitedly shared all the adventures he had with Kakak KC Sarah, recounting his favorite moments and the special bond they had formed.

Samsol’s dad thanked Kakak KC Sarah for providing exceptional care and creating a safe and enjoyable environment for their son. He couldn’t be more grateful for the opportunity to reconnect with Samsol’s mom and make lasting memories on their anniversary.

Samsol’s dad’s realization hit him like a wave of clarity. He understood that his relationship with Samsol’s mom was not only important for their own happiness but also for shaping Samsol’s understanding of love, respect, and healthy relationships.

He knew that children are like sponges, absorbing everything happening around them. They observe and learn from their parents’ actions, words, and interactions. Samsol was no exception. As he grew older, he would form his own ideas about love and relationships based on what he witnessed at home.

With this newfound understanding, Samsol’s dad made a promise to himself and Samsol’s mom. He realized that investing time and effort into their relationship was an investment in their child’s future.

Samsol’s dad felt grateful that he has the support from Kiddocare to have a trusted and reliable babysitter to care for Samsol, while he spends quality time with Samsol’s mom. Kakak KC Sarah is a true hero in his book.