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Better Be Safe Than Sorry.
Here Are Tips to Keep Your Children Safe During the School Holidays (Or Everyday)

When your children hear about school holidays, they will be in so much joy. How can it not? School holidays are all about having fun. They’re like a portal of escapism from all the reality they have to go through for the past weeks, this includes waking up early in the morning, focusing in class for ¼ of the day, dodging all the questions asked by the teachers (don’t lie, we’ve all been there before) and of course, how can we forget, homework! Homework, the one thing that most children did not like. But with school holidays, they’re free from homework. FREE!

This means they get to do whatever and whenever they want (with your permission). But sometimes, with all the fun and yay, your children may be too excited until they forget about what’s around them and ‘BOOM!’ accidents happen. This can be major or minor accidents or injuries. 

And we don’t want that to happen. We don’t want your children to cry. We don’t want it to spoil their holiday mood. And we surely don’t want you to feel bad for them. 

Hence, we would like to give you some tips that can help your children stay safe not only for school holidays but every single day there is. 

Are you ready? Let’s Go!

Leaving Children in the Car? BAD IDEA!

When it’s school holidays, it’s inevitable that your children will follow you just about anywhere and there will be time where you will have your pit stops. 

We’ve heard cases from time to time that children lost their lives because they stayed in the car without the presence of their parents. 

Some of you may think that it is okay to leave your children alone even for a minute or two. But it is better to be safe than sorry. 

Yes, your car windows may be slid down, the air-conditioning may be turned on and you may give your children a toy or device to play with before leaving them in the car. But no matter how safe you may think, it is dangerous to leave them without any supervision. 

Anyone might come knocking at the car window asking your children to open the door. Your children might test the steering wheel thinking they are in the Fast & Furious universe. The air-conditioning might suddenly be turned off without you knowing it. All these things should be taken into factors.

So whether you want to take away some food or go buy some snacks at a mini-mart, it’s always best to take your children with you. If you really have to leave your children alone, like needing to go to the bathroom at the R&R and you’re the only parent present at that time, then ask someone like a security guard to keep an eye on them.

6,121 People in the Shopping Mall? OMG!

Whether it’s a shopping mall or a booth festival happening, there’s always gonna be a lot of people during the holiday. Crowded places here, crowded places there. 

And as a parent, it worries you so much. You worry that your children will go missing, you worry about their safety and you worry if anyone accidentally nudges them down the escalator. 

What you can do is that before you arrive at the mall, on the way there, you can inform your children to follow you wherever you go and ask permission if they would like to go to the bathroom or a toy store. Refrain them from running or talking to strangers.

Once you have arrived, make sure to keep an eye on them every minute. For older children aged 7 and above, you can give directions and ask them to walk in front of you as you walk behind them. For children below 7, holding hands is the best way to keep them safe. 

Let’s Play Outside! Wait… There Are Some Rules!

4.00 pm to 6.30 pm is always the time where your children might say something like, ‘Mom, dad, I’m heading to the playground to play with my friends’ or the younger ones would say ‘Mom, dad, can we go to the park now?’

This happens more often when it comes to school holidays. Playing outside is a common thing for children to do. It’s a common desire. It’s meant for them to explore the world around them and have a blast with their friends! 

Playing is fun, however, you and your children must remember the safety rules. Remind your children to not talk to strangers. Always stay away from people who seem suspicious. The best thing to do is always stay in a group. Do not leave the pack, have a friend or two to accompany them if they’re going to the bathroom or buying some food. 

And the park or playground is always located somewhere where you have to cross the street. If they’re older enough, about 11 to 12 years old, to go to the park or playground by themselves, make sure to remind them about road safety. Before crossing the road, look left and right a couple of times to make sure that there are no cars on the road. If you’re with them, keep an eye on what they’re doing. Ask them not to run around especially areas or perimeters close to the road.

We Are Here! 

If you ever want to get a peace of mind this school holiday, or you know that you want your children to be in a safe environment at all times, our Kakak KC is here for you! 

There may be times that you and your spouse have to work or where you need to go buy furniture with you and you don’t want your children to run around the furniture store. There may also be times when you may be tired and you need to rest so it’s better to have someone reliable and trustworthy to attend to your children so they can keep them safe while you have your good rest.

Our Kakak KC will keep an eye as she will make sure they are safe; this means that if our Kakak KC is with your children at home, she will make sure that the doors are locked. If our Kakak KC is accompanying you and your children at the mall, she will stay by your children’s side and hold their hands if need be. 

Our Fun & Care Package – 10 sessions of 6-hour babysitting service is all you need this school holiday! The best thing is, you can use the session until November 2023 so if you have remaining sessions after this school holiday, you can still use them! Not only that, this package will also SAVE you RM240! Wow, that’s a lot, right?

So if you want your children to be in safe hands, then you can click on this link – to find out more. 

Written by:
Ian Firdaus