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Back to Work and You’re Stressed?
Here are the Secrets to Work Stress-Free After a Vacation

Whyyy ohhh whyyyyy??? Whyyyyyy? 

It’s the beginning of the new year and usually, ingrained in our minds is the bucket-list and resolutions that we have targeted to achieve but… that also means we’re going back to reality. Yes, THAT reality. You know what we’re talking about. 😂😂😭

Coming back to work after a long holiday has never been easy. It’s even more difficult in 2022 because last December was everything! 2 years of tight restrictions and only last month we all felt that freedom, just like back in December 2019 due to minimal restrictions and no lockdowns. 

Just like paradise, ain’t it?

Come new year and the anxiety kicks in, getting back on track can be challenging and on some occasions, you may be experiencing post-holiday blues.

As your head may be screaming not wanting to go back to work, we have compiled a list of tips on how we can help you return to work with peace of mind💗:-

Get Good Sleep

We know what you’re thinking. You want to enjoy your night as much as possible before stepping into the office the next day. You want to watch Netflix, relax with your spouse and prepare for what’s coming the whole week especially since your children are back to school. 

A lot of research has proven that work performances drop drastically due to the loss of sleep and the lack of sleep can have devastating effects on your health as well. 

But let’s recall what you did throughout the holiday; you spent walking and running for countless hours a day. Hey, it’s time for your body to rest and have a deep sleep every night during the first few weeks of January. Trust us, sleeping deeply will be something that you didn’t know you and your body needs until you’ve actually experienced it.

Have You Started Working on Your Goals Yet?

If you haven’t, then just do it! If you don’t have your goals yet, then it’s time for you to figure out the things you want to achieve by the end of 2023. 

It’s already the second week of January and one of the things that will keep you going is your goals. They are the pushing force that will drive you forward until the end of the line. 

Don’t forget to write them all down on a piece of paper. Doing this will fuel up your energy to fight procrastination and just do it!

It’s not too late to create your goals if you haven’t. Setting goals shows that even though you might be running on a hamster wheel, you have some things to look forward to this new year. This will boost your mood to enjoy your weekdays at the office knowing that you have clear goals to achieve.

Prioritize Self-Care

Of course it’s undeniable that you have satisfied yourself during your long holiday by hopping into your favorite restaurants, going to your bucket-list places and spending some time hiking the mountains. 

What we particularly mean with prioritizing self-care is getting back into your daily routine that may let your body and mind familiarize and adjust with the back-to-work environment. 

Some of you might still be in the past thinking about all the beauty that December had offered you but we have to move on and don’t let the past get into you. Start to organize your life at home; have you done your grocery shopping? How about house chores? Are you back on your healthy diet? Have you figured out your plans to catch up with your friends on what they did last December? These things can help you to ease the process of getting back on track and keeping up with your life.

Hire a Kiddocarer

And last but not least… hire our babysitter. Prioritizing your self-care is very important for you hence, it’s appropriate that there are times where you will need a pair of helping hands anddddd that’s when our babysitter comes in!

Early in the year may be really heavy for some because it’s back to square one. A lot of things on your plates and it’s common for parents like you to spend some time alone or with your spouse. 

Getting that peace of mind is everything, get our babysitters to attend to your children while you go have your quality me-time. ✨

Now, you can work stress-free! 😎

Written by:
Ian Firdaus