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Why become a babysitter? And why it is one of the best jobs you will ever have

Ask any woman out there what career they’d like to be pursuing and chances are that few, if any at all, will want to explore babysitting as a career choice. Low earnings, long working hours and no career prospects are often cited as reasons for women to shun the profession, but lo and behold: the modern-day babysitter is quite the opposite! They earn well, have plenty of job flexibility, and many of them have carved out future careers as entrepreneurs in the childcare industry. So here’s why babysitting isn’t the unfashionable occupation that you may think it is:

1. They actually earn better than you think they do

Okay, we’re not saying that they’ve hit the jackpot and become multi-millionaires overnight but the fact is: babysitters earn more than quite a number of other professions when it comes to pay-per-hour, or the amount of pay they receive for every hour of work they put in. When you think they earn little, they actually work shorter hours than many people out there so their actual income per time of output is higher than what most people realize.

2. Their work is flexible

Many babysitters determine their work schedules and decide whether or not to accept a job. They are able to plan the hours they’d prefer to do work, and they could pretty much decide who they would like to work for. Now that’s flexibility as babysitters are pretty much their own bosses.

3. They get paid doing something they enjoy

To do their job, babysitters must possess a lot of love and care towards children. Add to the fact that they gain income for the work that they enjoy, it’s a great plus point for women to consider babysitting if handling children is their thing. And to think that the most part, babysitters are just playing and entertaining the children and also the inner child in themselves while getting paid doing it!

4. It’s not hard to get started

Furthermore, it’s not difficult to get started as a babysitter! Even an inexperienced mother or any woman who has had no childbearing experience will not find handling children a very difficult chore if they love being around children, for tasks such as feeding, bathing and playing with children, etc. can be easily learnt with a lot of passion and patience.

5. They can make a difference to a child

A babysitter who is greatly passionate about her job will do her utmost best to ensure that the children enjoy her company, and when they do, they will fondly remember her even after decades later when they have grown up. Similar to a teacher, passionate babysitters will also find a lot of joy seeing the children grow; going through their various milestones and achievements in life.

6. There are good career prospects

All the skills, experience and contacts from a babysitter’s career can then be useful in the future if they would like to explore more ambitious ventures and opportunities such as running childcare centers, becoming childcare experts/consultants, and many more. With plenty of training and upskilling opportunities, babysitters will gain a lot of personal development and opportunities along the way!

7. It is a reputable job

Who says babysitting is an unglamourous career and a dead end? Far from it! These days with plenty of upskilling and training opportunities, plus the ever-present demand for childcare especially among working parents, babysitting will become the go-to profession even amongst the educated! The income, flexibility and the career path that it brings will attract many women who yearn for such freedom in their employment, and thus change the stigma of this occupation being a low-class job.

As with any other career choices, one has to be truly passionate in their craft and be professional and open enough to continue learning and developing their skills in the industry. With this, we hope that women out there give babysitting real consideration as a possible career path for all the benefits that it brings!

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