Toy8 : Mix Joy Activity (6 in 1)


Introducing a versatile wonder: the Multipurpose Toy! Packed with engaging features, it’s a treasure trove of activities designed to captivate and educate young minds.

With four types of sound play, color and shape matching facilitated by magnets, button fastening, zipper exploration, and even a whiteboard and chalkboard for creative doodling and number games, this toy offers endless fun and learning opportunities.

Drumsticks can be conveniently stored within the toy, ensuring they’re always on hand for impromptu musical sessions. Plus, with the whiteboard’s magnetic compatibility and Velcro closures on the button fastening and zipper sides, this toy is both adaptable and user-friendly.

From stimulating curiosity to honing fine motor skills, the Multipurpose Toy promises to be a cherished companion for your child’s developmental journey.

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