Toy8 : Ball Coaster Sound Phythagoras (33pcs)


Introducing the Ball Coaster, a versatile toy that sparks creativity and exploration through the power of magnets! Crafted by a math teacher, this toy offers endless possibilities for children to build, rearrange, and play while developing an understanding of spatial concepts.

Suitable for children as young as 18 months, the Ball Coaster features six sound and coaster parts that allow kids to construct coasters that produce delightful sounds. Its intuitive design and magnet-based assembly make it easy for small hands to manipulate safely.

Included with the set is a comprehensive “Step-by-step Educational Play Guide,” packed with hints and tips to inspire learning and creativity. Plus, this toy seamlessly integrates with the Pythagoras series, enhancing the educational experience further.

Recommended for ages 1.5 years and up, the Ball Coaster set includes 10 types of 33 parts and measures W 12.6 x D 3.5 x H 11.8 inches (320 x 90 x 300 mm). Get ready for hours of imaginative play and discovery with this captivating toy!

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