Toy8 : Slope Tumbler Roller


Introducing our Super Fun Wooden Ramp Toy, offering three delightful play experiences in one!

  1. Watch as three vibrant balls gracefully roll down a rainbow track, serenading your ears with xylophone-like melodies.
  2. Turn the toy sideways and place a small red block on the jagged spot, then let it glide down the slide for endless fun.
  3. Experience the excitement of “Ladder Drop” as the clown blocks descend from the ladder.

True to its name, this toy provides thrice the enjoyment with its versatile slide and slope design.

Not only does it provide entertainment, but it also nurtures the development of fine motor skills in hands and fingertips—the very skills crucial for tasks like pinching, grasping, and knot-tying.

Designed to facilitate learning through play, this toy encourages various finger movements essential for foundational learning experiences.

Suitable for age 3+

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