Joey & Mom: Konjac Baby Bath Sponge


The Konjac Sponge is a 100% natural face and body-cleansing sponge made from vegetable fibers of Konjac. This 100% natural sponge has a soft texture making it gentle and safe for babies. It contains various minerals and antioxidant ingredients. These ingredients help nourish and smooth skin naturally. 

Key features: 

  • Effectively balances the PH of the skin
  • Stimulates oxygen infusion
  • Detoxifying and nourishing
  • Long-lasting moisture (forms a water-locking film on skin’s surface)
  • Removes dead skin cells, dirt and oil
  • Helps unclog pores
  • Suitable for all skin types (including sensitive and eczema prone skin
  • 100% safe for babies and those with sensitive skin :

– no artificial colours

– no parabens

– no chemicals

– no additives

– no artificial preservatives

– no fragrance



Before use, rinse and hydrate your Konjac Sponge in warm water. Squeeze out any excess water and gently cleanse skin. It is not necessary to use cleansing products, but a small amount can be added to your Konjac Sponge if desired. If a cleanser is added, the sponge will help the product work harder and go further.


After use, always rinse your sponge well and allow to dry in an airy place. Be careful not to wring it out as this may damage the delicate plant fibres, just squeeze between your flattened hands. You can also pop your clean sponge in the fridge to keep it fresh and cool, which helps it last even longer. It will shrink and harden when it dries out, this is perfectly natural, simply allow it to absorb water and rehydrate before using it again. Never use the sponge when dry. The better care of the sponge, the longer it will last. Never leave the sponge soaked for a prolonged period of time in the shower or in a pool of water.

Your Konjac Sponge is a 100% natural vegetable product and should last 1 to 3 months. Once it starts to look tired or breaks down, replace it. Our Konjac Sponges can be safely composted or used in the garden to help water your plants by holding moisture. Never leave a child unattended with a sponge.

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