Granny Ben Sweet Dream Duvet Set


The Sweet Dream Duvet Set is cool on the outside and warm on the inside! The duvet cover is made from smooth double-layered fabric. This fabric is a combination of bamboo fibers and premium cotton fibers. The inside of the duvet has paddings with excellent heat retention. Moreover, the cover can be detached and replaced with different patterns, making it easy to clean. This duvet also has many connecting points that allow the cover to be attached to the paddings inside, preventing the paddings from falling to one side of the blanket.


S (for baby 0 – 1 year)  : 70 x 100 cm

M (for toddlers 1 – 3 years) : 110 x 140 cm

Qty: 1 set of duvet & duvet cover per box


Care and Usage

We recommend machine washing with gentle cycle and low heat for enhanced durability. Do not dry clean and bleach. Hang or line dry to maintain shape and colors. Avoid softener to maintain maximum water absorbency.

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