Artec “L” Blocks Primary 100 pieces (Bucket)


Let’s get creative and have fun with Artec “L” Blocks Primary 100!

  • The world’s first block that connects in every direction, horizontally, vertically and diagonally!
  • The blocks are 1.5 inch cubic, therefore makes them safe for infants from 18 months up to play & easy making large models

For Age 1.5 months & Up

  • Giving children the opportunity to touch a variety of shapes and surfaces helps stimulate and sharpen their senses.

For Age 2 years & Up

  • Building, rebuilding and the instant satisfaction of playing with something that they made themselves keeps a children engaged, moving and having fun.

For Age 3 years & Up

  • Blocks are one  of the best way to let children express their developing minds. Whether giving them something to build or allowing them to invent their own games, an extra dose of encouragement can be a huge creative boost to them.

What’s Inside?

  • 55 L Block ( Square) and 45 L Block ( Triangle)
  • 5 color variety