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Over 35,000 families trust our platform

Your employees do not need to be an exception. Kiddocare enables your teams to thrive through
family care perks.

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Boosting productivity within the workforce

Instilling workforce mental well being through family care

Driving talent retention and attraction

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Partnering with Kiddocare is a highly effective means of demonstrating your understanding that being a working parent and/or caregiver is a shared concern.


of Malaysian employees opt to seek a new job as they were dissatisfied with their existing compensation packages.


of working parents felt that they lacked childcare support necessary to help meet career goals.


of employees leave the workforce due to childcare concerns.

Flexible child care support designed to meet the specific requirement of your employee and their children.

Personalized companionship and assisted living services for the elderly individuals in your employees’ lives.

Our e-shop is dedicated to offering a comprehensive range of family care products catering to one’s family needs.

Collaborating with your employees to better understand their challenges – transforming insights into development programs.

Access to family care content, activities, and after-school programs curated through partnerships with exclusive experts.

Enrollments at partner centers for childcare or eldercare services, enabling for extended workshops, programs and events.

Family Care at Your Employees’ Fingertips

Go beyond the workforce - drive lasting impact to the community

Over 35,000 families trust our platform

Kiddocare enables your teams to thrive through family care perks.