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You Are The Expert of Your Own Child

The saying “you do you” is indeed very relevant and true in terms of parenting children, because all parents have their very own dynamics in life, whether it be family life, social circle or work commitments. Therefore, parents have to find their own sweet spot in terms of caring for their children as there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution.

Parents may seek expert advice, read up all on parenting tips, and compare notes on parenting with peers, but ultimately, they will have to rely on their own know-how to handle their children. They will have to draw on their own experience as individuals; their upbringing (how their own parents raised them) and their attitude towards children as they device their own ways and methods to bring up their children and get their messages across. However, this doesn’t mean that parents should just depend on themselves and parent their children on a trial-and-error basis (far from that, in fact) – all the additional advice they can get from experts and peers are very useful in complementing their own method of parenting. These advice have been tried-and-tested, and some have even been derived by scientific means, so parents should be open to accepting new ideas and concepts of parenting in this modern age.

There’s no such thing as a perfect parent, or the concept of perfect parenting, but one thing is for sure is that all parents can be the very best parent that they can be and raise good children by knowing their own strengths and weaknesses; their own conditions and situations and most importantly, knowing their own children’s characteristics. Only when parents have a good grasp of these elements, are they able to find a perfect balance to care for and educate their children so that they not only receive love from their parents, but are also able to learn positive traits and grow up to be well behaved individuals in the future.

So, you do you – be open to learning the tricks of the trade from the experts, and infuse personal experience, upbringing and attitude into the equation. With these in place, parents will be able to parent their children in their very own way and not be too influenced by external advice that may end up to be unsuitable to them.