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Let’s Cuddle Together & Bond With Your Children for a Bedtime Story!

Bedtime stories. Hmmm. Hearing these words seem so small and have very little meanings, like a tiny ant, but for your children… bedtime stories mean a lot to them! 

Bedtime stories are like the closing chapter of the day. Sometimes, your children may have bad days so ending it with a bedtime story is everything for them. 

However, since the Internet and gadgets are now the primary source for their entertainment, bedtime stories have become less prominent in their lives. Some of your children may not be as interested in bedtime stories as how you used to be back in your old days. 

But, every child including yours needs to put aside looking at those black mirrors and spend about 5 to 30 minutes of bedtime stories before going to sleep especially now when back-to-school season is on!

We have listed down the importance of bedtime stories as below:-

Increases Your Children’s Imaginations

One study proved that when children listened to bedtime stories, the areas of their brains that handle mental imagery and narrative comprehension were activated. By listening to you reading fairy tales while looking at the pictures, their brains will produce so many ideas as they are able to predict what is going to happen next or come up with their own endings or even brand new stories that might even surprise you!

The brilliant Einstein once said that imagination is much more powerful than knowledge. This is because knowledge is limited whereas imagination encircles the world. So reading bedtime stories really help to broaden your children’s imaginations that will help them mentally and in the future.

Learning New Words and Build their Vocabulary

Is there anything more exciting than hearing your children casually drop a word like ‘ubiquitous’, ‘zilch’ or ‘eons’ during a conversation to a house filled with your friends and cousins? I don’t think so! 

Hearing them use bombastic words at such a young age gives you the ultimate satisfaction. Reading bedtime stories can let them expand their vocabulary that are not in their direct environment. 

At the end of the day, learning languages is most effective during the early stages of life hence, we couldn’t stress enough that reading them bedtime stories help them to improve their language skills.

Your Children Will Love Reading

Reading is one of the most important skills in life and the sooner your children get in the habit of reading, the better their future will be!

Why? Reading bedtime stories every night can create a love for books. Your children may become bookworms who are into reading which can help them later in life. 

Imagine every week, you read about 3-6 books to them and these books are not just fairy tales, some of them are more grounded and realistic that they are able to relate and feel what the characters are feeling. The variety of stories, concepts, themes and expositions will let your children get into reading as they are aware that there is no limit to creativity. 

Less Stress Please!

For some of us, reading might increase our stress levels. Right? What we meant was if you happen to read those thick 2000 pages of a science book you need to memorize for tomorrow’s exam. Hahaha but in the case of your children, reading might just make them happier! 

Wait… whatttt??? How???

No, really! Reading helps your children’s mind wander off to places they haven’t been to and take them on an adventure that they will never forget! It goes beyond the usual places they are sooooo used to seeing. 

Your children will even release more stress when they cuddle with you for bedtime stories which can help them to relax and concentrate better. Not only that, but your relationship with your children will also be stronger! 💪

With all the hectic that comes with being a parent, it’s nice to have a little time by reading bedtime stories with your children. ❤

Written by:
Ian Firdaus