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Balik kampung! Wohoho balik kampung! Wohoho balik kampung! Hati girang!!!

The late Sudirman’s legendary Raya theme song instantly comes into mind when Balik Kampung is concerned, so since it’s that time of the year when we can all finally go back to visit our loved ones for Raya, it might be useful for us to keep a checklist of some handy and nifty tools we’ll need to bring with us for our journey home, just in case the going gets tough…

Powerbanks and charger cables – never leave home without them!

First aid kits – now we’re not wishing any kind of accidents upon any one of you, but you know the old Malay saying, Malang Tidak Berbau… you’d be wishing you had a first aid kit with you if things really turn ugly.

Snacks and munchies – again, we don’t wish that you get stuck in endless Raya traffic but let’s be real here… if the drive is taking longer than usual and it’s way past your normal lunch or dinner time, having snacks to alas perut might come in really handy!

Gifts for family members – after all festive seasons are time for joy and giving, isn’t it?

Refresh, beauty and grooming packs – for you to look good and feel good wherever you are, pack ‘em travel-sized to save space.

Plus, some Covid-19 prevention measures won’t hurt too, such as face masks (still mandatory indoors you know), sanitizers and test kits can also make your trip home a safe and pleasant one. With this, enjoy your trip home, and have a blast during Raya!