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How Do We Develop our Babysitters as Trusted Kiddocarers?

Made by parents for parents – In Kiddocare, we believe that being a parent, you may sometimes need someone that will help you to assist your children while you’re working or doing anything else. But, did you know that having an on-demand babysitter that you can get anytime, anywhere is essential these days because you can’t plan your days ahead? That’s why Kiddocare is here to help you by having professionally trained babysitters to ease your worries!

Babysitting is one of those rare jobs that people actually enjoy. If you were to ask a woman, “Would you like to be a babysitter?”, most of them would answer, “Yes, I would!”. It is quite natural that the love for children is strong in the hearts of women. That is why we believe that a babysitter naturally develops her own instincts and love for children. But, are they good or qualified enough to be a babysitter? How should we define a good babysitter?


To be a good babysitter, they should undergo these important trainings before they begin their career. One such training is basic childcare training. This is important because it allows babysitters to acquire the skills necessary to care for children of all ages. This training consists of:

  1. Handling infants
  2. Changing diapers
  3. Handling children with special needs
  4. Understanding children’s growth and development
  5. Professional ethics and etiquette towards children and parents
  6. Professional communication

Besides basic childcare training, our babysitters are required to undergo CPR and First-Aid training because accidents may happen any time and many people will be helpless and unable to handle the situation when it really arises due to the lack of know-how. By having these skills, our babysitters can take care of the following emergency situations:

  1. Near drowning
  2. Household poison exposure
  3. Electrocution
  4. Suffocation
  5. Accidents
  6. Choking

Can you imagine what will happen to your children if you leave them to babysitters who are not well-trained and qualified for the job? We do not want anything bad to happen to our children! That’s why it’s important for babysitters to know, learn and train how to keep your children safe. By giving our babysitters proper training, it gives an on-the-job advantage to them, which subsequently builds trust and satisfaction in our clients towards our services.


Being a babysitter is not an easy job. Sometimes, they have to sacrifice their time, energy, and emotions to help others. In order for our babysitters to deliver the best and appreciate them as the backbone of our team, Kiddocare always takes the initiative to organize events not to just celebrate them, but to keep them mentally prepared and always motivated.

Food for Soul is the latest inspiring, heartwarming and self-reflective events we have organized for our babysitters. This event has improved our camaraderie and motivated us to have more responsibility towards our work. Apart from Ustaz Mizi Wahid delivering motivational and inspiring words of encouragement, our babysitters were able to share their experiences and feelings and get to know each other better. In the session, Ustaz Mizi Wahid emphasized three good qualities that a good babysitter must have: Caring, Compassion and Empathy. With these qualities, they can justify themselves as trustworthy, reliable and qualified babysitters. This session was a success for us as the babysitters were happy, inspired and excited to be able to do more for others.