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Why You Should Consider Primary School Tuition for Your Child

Many parents may think that starting tuition for their child during primary schooling years might be too early. Reasons are, tuition tends to bring additional costs as well as time concerns for both parents. Children may also not fully benefit and likely remember what they learn during tuition classes at such a young age. With the disadvantages outweighing the benefits many parents decide against early tuition.

However, this article will provide you with some insight as to why primary school tuition may be beneficial to set up your child for future academic success. Partnering up with TigerCampus, a leading education platform in Malaysia, after hours of tuition research and years of communicating with parents, tutors, and students, we would like to share with you what we’ve discovered on primary school tuition benefits.

Why it’s beneficial to start tuition early

The major reason why starting tuition early is beneficial is by allowing your child to discover their learning style and to get comfortable with it. Knowing your learning style is fundamental not only in schooling but also in life. Once they’ve understood the best way they can study and parse information, they are better equipped to handle secondary school subjects and classes later on. Regular schooling in Malaysia is normally done in a large class size setting. Thus, oftentimes, the teacher will not be able to nurture each student’s learning needs and style within the class. To overcome this issue, we highly recommend private 1-on-1 tuition for the younger ages.

Why it’s better to have private tuition as compared to group tuition

Having tuition lessons in a large classroom with other students creates a competitive environment which could hinder your child’s enjoyment in learning by stressing him/her to match up to the others. Understandably so, this is one of the major concerns as to why some parents tend to avoid sending their kids to tuition during their primary school years.

Thus, private tuition gives you a better option for your child. With private tuition, your child gets full attention from the tutor and enables him/her to really discover what their strengths and weaknesses are. Thus, choosing which area to focus more on intensely to overcome those weaknesses early will greatly ease your child’s stress when he moves on towards tougher subjects in the future.

Group tuition may be cheaper but you are not given the necessary time or attention from the tutor and there will be times when your questions and concerns won’t be answered. In a group, your child will also be forced to match the pace of the class rather than his/her own pace. This is one of the major reasons why kids of early age tend to shy away from tuition because of the stress it gives. However, with private tuition, you’re able to negate all of that and allow the child to learn at his/her desired pace. Your child will not only learn topics more deeply but he/she will also enjoy learning them as well.

Convenience is also another huge factor for parents when considering sending their child to tuition. Luckily, with online tutoring systems spreading and gaining effectiveness during the pandemic, one can now schedule tuition sessions in between busy hours without the need for commuting. You will no longer need to wait in traffic jams to pick up your child. And he/she will be able to take classes at home right before dinner or bedtime.

Lastly and most importantly, primary schooling private tuition helps build your child’s self-esteem in learning. Due to the way exams and classrooms are structured in school, your child will often have to compare himself/herself with their peers. (What grades did they get? How much have they studied? Which school will they be going to next? etc.) These are unavoidable challenges kids today must face as a student.

In order to overcome these social pressures, it’s best that your child has proper self-esteem and builds it up in academics early. The right tutor can provide him/her with assurance and guidance on what to expect in studying and give him/her the proper tools to tackle these challenges. With these in mind, your child will build confidence in themselves to be able to handle the tough academic hurdles ahead.

Finally, we highly recommend trying out TigerCampus for your child’s first tuition experience. Not only will your child receive personalized tutoring from tutors from top-notch universities, but you’ll also receive up-to-date progress reports and video recordings from each tutoring session. This will keep you involved and tune into how your child is doing along his/her learning journey.

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