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5 Ways to Inspire Curiosity in Children

As children grow up, their little minds are full of questions and wonderment on how things work, who people are, and many more things that they’d like to find out about their surroundings and everyone around them. So as adults, let’s further nourish their ability to learn and absorb by constantly keeping them curious and wanting to know more by observing the following:

1. Changing their routine

Even for adults, routine can be boring and mundane. For children, it can be a dampener in their learning process. The same routine done over and over again can possibly kill any interest to learn so it’s great to just divert from the norm – it keeps them excited for something different!

2. Do not ignore their questions

Play along with them and answer them in the most interesting way possible. This encourages them to learn even more and most importantly, it enhances their emotional state as well. Remember that children are little humans, so they are able to feel disappointment or sadness whenever we brush them off with a strong rebuke or a haphazard answer.

3. Question them back

Instead of feeding them all the answers, enhance their ability to respond by questioning them back, like what they think the answer is, or asking a related question linked to the one they have just put out. This way it encourages them to think and churn out answers.

4. Always expose them to new experiences

New places with new people can stimulate young minds to further explore and know about the new surroundings and people as children respond in awe to the new things and people they are exposed to. Naturally, their inquisitive nature will kick in and they may start questioning things, so play along and feed their curiosity!

5. Let them be themselves

Remember, they’re still children so don’t make them grow up too quickly! Let them learn at their own pace, and don’t pressure them to learn too quickly or too much at one time. It creates unnecessary stress and may possibly even cut off any intention to learn more. Worse, they may respond negatively and may close themselves to any sort of interaction.

With these useful tips in place, always keep your children’s insatiable curiosity nourished because they will thrive with it! As they are constantly stimulated, they will grow and develop a sense of always wanting to learn and discover, which will in turn enhance their problem-solving skills and their ability to interact with others.