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The New Mom Welcome Package

When a baby is born, a mother is not always born too. Having a baby does not necessarily mean we automatically download the parenting gene and move with a maternal grace like mother nature intended. Motherhood is a hefty transition and a meandering journey full of trials and errors. If you are a new mom, here are some helpful reminders for when you’re having ‘one of those days’.

Your life isn’t over
New moms have it tough indeed. They’re constantly concerned about their little bundle of joy, always checking on them if they’re alright, if they’ve been fed properly, and all other little details. Well, that’s normal for the new mom would still be fresh from the experience of pregnancy and childbirth – that bond of nearly 9 to 10 months with the baby in her womb lasts a lifetime so the stress of having a new baby in her life is real.

There is no such thing as a perfect mom
In the beginning stages of the baby’s birth, the new mom will be rather uncertain of what she needs to do to adapt to the baby’s needs. After all, the only method of communication that the baby knows of is wailing and crying so it can be overwhelming at times to hear so many of those within a day – and worse, some new moms may also suffer some form of breakdown, thus leading to stress and depression.

There is more than one right way to do things
Together with the stress of work (if any), and well-meaning friends and family members giving their two cents worth, the new mom may find it too burdensome and start slipping down the dark path of self-blame and depression. She will also be physically drained from all the huffing and puffing with the baby, and most find themselves juggling work as well.

You will have a good sleep again
Well, the light at the end of the tunnel is that experience helps relieve the stress. With plenty of hands-on work, some time and plenty of patience, the new mom will be able to learn and adapt not only to her child, but also to her bodily limits. Over time, all these child-minding tasks will be a breeze, and together with the growth of the child (developing the abilities to walk, talk and all), it will actually become a pleasantly rewarding experience of watching him/her grow. Soon, the stress, the burden and the feeling of hopelessness will be replaced with a sense of pride and unbridled joy.

Go out and have fun when you can
All it takes is a lot of positivity and a great support system! While getting used to their new job as a mother, new moms can try out a variety of methods to keep themselves balanced inside out like exercise, mingling with friends, and so many other things. While there isn’t a one-size-fits-all kind of solution for all new moms, it is generally accepted that having a good balance between motherly duties and some good stress relief mechanism will go a long way in ensuring that she is constantly fresh, motivated and strong in discharging her duties, while also maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

It is ok to seek help
They say “practice makes perfect” and “Rome wasn’t built in a day”, so relax and continue exploring new methods to achieve a level where the new mom can enjoy both motherhood and life as a whole. Remember, never give up trying and always seek support to help you out!