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Find Out How a Tiny Good Deed Can Change Someone’s Day

Have you ever done something nice for other people without hoping for something in return? The act wasn’t done to repay them or because you were asked to do it but it was simply because you felt that it was the right thing to do and even better, because you wanted to. 

If you have done something just like that, then you have carried out a random act of kindness!

Believe it or not, small acts or gestures can make someone’s day. However, there are times when most of us get caught up in our lives especially with our daily tasks to the point where we’re forgetting the simplest of things that can make the most significant impact on someone else’s lives. 

But little did we know that doing random acts of kindness can also boost your mood and release a significant amount of stress. Not buying what we’re saying?

According to a study by McCraty and the team, perpetually kind people have 23% less cortisol than other people. This means that they are more likely to be happy! 

After doing a random act of kindness, have you ever felt like you’ve accomplished something? Does it put a smile on your face? 

We know the answer is yes. But just think how different it would be if you constantly took a few minutes each day to do something for other people. We bet your children will follow your acts of kindness in no time. 

Hence, we have listed down some random acts of kindness you and your children can apply whenever and wherever you want:-

Say Thank You as an Appreciation

When we hear this one, we always think it’s the easiest thing to do, right? But you’ll be surprised at how many people always sweep the words ‘thank you’ under the rug when the person just receives a helping hand. Heck, some people even forget to say thank you to their own family members. 

Saying thank you is the simplest but it’s also a very heartwarming gesture. Every time someone helps you, from lending you money, carrying your bag to helping answer enquiries and taking care of your children, it’s appropriate to say thank you. Making this a habit will let your children appreciate the people around them and they will eventually copy what you say. 

Put a Smiling Face

Wherever you go, smile. If you go to your friend’s house, smile. If you’re helping someone, smile. 

And… it’s not wrong to smile at strangers. We know it may be a little awkward, but if you look at someone and they might be having a bad day, give them a soft smile. It might just boost their mood to live through the day. 

Usually, most people would think that doing this should only work when two people look at each other. But there’s a secret that you probably don’t know. Do you know that you should smile even when you’re speaking to someone through a phone call? Or messaging a person on your Whatsapp? 

Yes, the person you’re contacting won’t see your face but… your smiling expression will spread and the next thing you know, all of your spoken or written words will sound friendly, cordial and kind. For instance, talking to a company spokesperson through the phone is communicated better when you smile as not only does the message come across but you will also establish a good rapport with the person.

You’re doing them a great service just by smiling. Your children will learn that too! Trust us, it works.

Leave a Good Review

Because there are soooo many things happening all at once, reviews are helpful especially for you. With work and family, you don’t have the time to taste every food or try out every service in Malaysia hence, reviews are there to provide you with the best decisions.

If you think that a company or a business deserves a thumbs-up, then leaving a good review would benefit a lot of people. All the more reasons for you to write one if it is locally founded because #sapotlokal & #kitajagakita mean so much after Covid-19 hit us.

Okay, now let’s say if you had the worst experience of your lifetime, would you give a bad review? There’s no right or wrong here. You can be frank about it.

Giving a bad review is fine but make sure that the review is what you have actually experienced. And of course, sometimes, being angry while writing a bad review is normal but it would be better to write it down logically than emotionally and double check if your emotion dominates your writing. 

Nevertheless, putting out reviews is a random act of kindness as it helps others to make decisions more promptly. At the end of the day, the idiom, ‘manners maketh man’ plays a huge role here.

Give a Warm Compliment

Other than a thank you, other compliments can also show appreciation. Words like ‘you’re intelligent’, ‘I like your dress’, ‘you are kind’ and ‘I appreciate your honesty’ can make someone motivated not only during the conversation but that good feeling may extend up until the whole day. You can teach your children to complement their friends because even the smallest things can go a long way. 

One Japanese study explained that giving compliments can boost self-efficacy, enhance feelings of competence, create positive feelings and strengthen conversations and their positive outcomes. 

But of course, giving compliments only works at the right place and at the right time. Remember that a compliment should be from the heart and delivered sincerely. People may see through false praise and this could actually create distrust or awkward moments that are unbearable. 

If you happen to make a call with someone that you personally don’t know, you can give them a compliment at the end. Appreciate their honesty, feedback or that the idea they give is interesting. This will make you and the person happier.

If you have the opportunity to be kind, just do it! 😉

Written by:
Ian Firdaus