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Samsol fell sick on Monday, and his mom and dad have been tirelessly taking care of him throughout his recovery. But alas, even they succumbed to their tiredness, and fell sick yesterday. They simply do not have the energy to get up, to keep Samsol company and occupied. Samsol’s grandparents live too far away in Kedah for them to ask for help, so they are all alone in the city, even so, they wouldn’t want to trouble them.

At 2pm on Wednesday, with a stuffy nose and muffled voice, Samsol’s dad said weakly, “Why don’t we book Kakak KC Sarah again? Now that Samsol is comfortable with her, she can help us to keep Samsol company and occupied for a little while until we recover.” 

Samsol’s mom looked at him with her red, swollen eyes and whispered, “That sounds like the most brilliant idea we both have had in a while. Let’s do that now!” Mustering the strength, Samsol’s mom took her phone on the bedside table, squinted in the dark and booked Kakak KC Sarah on the Kiddocare app. 

The next day, Kakak KC Sarah arrived bright and early at 9am with her bag full of activity ideas. Now that she knows how to handle Samsol in the best way,  it is easier for her to prepare activities accordingly. Before she joined Kiddocare, she had to undergo various trainings conducted by Kiddocare’s internal trainers, which has helped her perform at her best during service. She knows now what activities are appropriate for which age, and how she can easily win children’s hearts. With the knowledge she gained from Kiddocare and constant assistance from the Support team, Kakak KC Sarah felt more confident to take care of different children from various age groups and needs.

Kakak KC Sarah greeted Samsol’s parents with a warm smile as she entered their home. She could see the exhaustion on their faces, and she reassured them that she would take good care of Samsol while they rest and recover.

As she settled in with Samsol, Kakak KC Sarah noticed that he seemed a bit restless indoors. Remembering how much Samsol loved outdoor activities, she decided to take him to the park. She knew the fresh air and change of scenery would do him good. Plus, it would give him a chance to have some fun and expend his energy.

Before heading out, Kakak KC Sarah packed a bag filled with all the necessary items. She carefully included sunscreen to protect Samsol’s sensitive skin from the sun, snacks to keep his hunger at bay, and a water bottle to ensure he stayed hydrated. She made sure to double-check everything, knowing that safety was of utmost importance.

As they arrived at the park, Kakak KC Sarah surveyed the play area, analyzing its surroundings to ensure it was safe for Samsol to play. She inspected the playground equipment, checking for any signs of damage or hazards. Kakak KC Sarah was also extra vigilant at all times, if there is any sign of danger in the surrounding area. Satisfied with her assessment, she guided Samsol to a suitable area and encouraged him to explore.

Kakak KC Sarah engaged Samsol in various age-appropriate activities. She pushed him on the swing, played catch with him, and even joined him in building sandcastles in the sandbox with the other children. Throughout their time at the park, she remained vigilant, constantly keeping an eye on Samsol to ensure his safety.

When it was time for a break, Kakak KC Sarah found a shaded spot where they could rest. She applied sunscreen to Samsol’s exposed skin, handed him a snack, and encouraged him to drink water to stay hydrated. She chatted with him, asking about his favorite toys and games, and listened attentively to his stories.

As the day progressed, Samsol’s laughter filled the park, and his energy seemed to return. Kakak KC Sarah watched with delight as he interacted with other children, making new friends and experiencing the joy of play.

When it was time to leave the park, Kakak KC Sarah ensured they tidied up after themselves, leaving the play area as they had found it. She held Samsol’s hand as they walked back home, sharing stories and memories from their adventure.

Upon returning, Samsol’s parents were grateful to see the joy on their son’s face. They could tell that he had a wonderful time with Kakak KC Sarah at the park. They expressed their heartfelt appreciation to her again, going above and beyond to make sure Samsol had a safe and enjoyable day and giving them the chance to just sleep. They felt a thousand times better now.

Kakak KC Sarah smiled, humbled by their words. She knew that being a caregiver meant more than just supervising children. It meant being attentive, prepared, and dedicated to their well-being. As she bid farewell to Samsol’s family, she knew that she had made a positive impact during a challenging time.

Reflecting on her experience, Kakak KC Sarah felt a renewed sense of purpose. The training and support she received from Kiddocare had equipped her with the skills and knowledge necessary to be a reliable and caring caregiver. She knew that she had found her calling in providing comfort, support, and happiness to children and their families when they needed it the most.

With a grateful heart, Kakak KC Sarah looked forward to her next adventure, knowing that she had the ability to make a difference in the lives of the little ones she cared for.