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(Basic First Aid for Emergency at Home)

Have you ever witnessed a loved one suffering from an emergency? And are you ready if such an incident happens in front of you? Because little do you know, if someone gets a heart attack, it is crucial to provide immediate aid within the first 2 minutes.

This is a golden opportunity for everyone to gain the knowledge and skills required to perform simple first aid and CPR at home.

Various skills for different types of emergency situations will be taught; each of them saves lives and relieves pain for the victims.

In this session, participants will understand and realize the importance of these life-saving skills and be able to handle such distress as and when it occurs, especially involving family members.

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Saturday, 17th July, 2021

9:00 am to 1:00 pm

Online via Zoom Meeting

RM 45 (early bird)
RM 55 (normal price)

Bahasa Malaysia

Your Coach

DR AZIZUL AMAR BIN RAHMAT is the Founder and President for Dr Azizul Amar academy, previously known as CPR Training Organisation Malaysia. He is a qualified CPR and First Aid instructor and also a certified Train-the-Trainer by HRDF (TTT/7395).

Dr Azizul started his career as a motivator and soft skill trainer and later specialising in First Aid, CPR and AED training.

He has a huge passion towards training and pledge to make sure that at least one person is trained or educated with CPR skill in every household.

The pledge was made after an incident that involved his father. His father passed away due to heart attack in public and unfortunately there was no bystander able to assist and provide immediate aid at that moment.

Since then, he has founded CPR Malaysia, a Non-Govermental Organisation (NGO) with a mission “1 Rumah 1 Terlatih CPR”.

Upon completion of the course, participants will also be getting:

  • An attendance e-certificate
  • An e-book

What You will Learn

Treatment methods for :-

  • choking;
  • scalding by hot oil/water;
  • wounds and bleeding;
  • heart attack, electric shocks, drowning; and
  • CPR

Who is this for?

  • Parents with small children
  • People who have senior citizens living together;
  • College students.

Learning outcome

  • Participants can differentiate between types of emergencies and injuries, as well as administering treatments appropriate to age group
  • Being able to act and give the right help depending on emergencies/injuries; and
  • The ability to save lives.

Course Delivery

  • Via Zoom App (up to 499 participants only)


RM45 per pax ( Price for early birds who register before 10th of July)

Normal Price: RM55

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