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Bloating is a common issue with babies and its one of the main causes of worry for parents. So to avoid a case of bloating and worried parents, we’ve outlined the steps for you to take.


1. Don’t let your baby cry unattended for long periods

The longer they cry the more air they suck in. This eventually translates into more gas which may cause bloating.

2. Give your baby a massage

Try giving your baby a good old massage treatment.

3. Be consistent in your massage timing.

For the massage to make a difference to your gassy baby, you have to do it often. Perform the exercises at least 3 times a day.

4. Time your massage carefully

Wait for at least 30 minutes after a feeding before giving a massage.

5 Listen for sound effects

When giving your baby a massage, keep your ears open for a sound (like your baby is trying to have a bowel movement).


We’re here praying and hoping that the steps we’ve outlined would help you and your baby. As common as bloating is, it’s one of the reasons babies cry and it may have a adverse affect if left untreated.