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The unity of a nation stands best to be tested at times of immense challenges and difficulties. As our country is in the midst of facing a global pandemic threat, continuous instability in domestic politics, and worrying uncertainties of our economic livelihood, the lives of our children are not spared from the massive impacts of the pandemic. As parents, we wish to preserve their innocence and protect them from the difficult realities, but our little ones know and understand so much more than we thought about what is happening around them and kids DO care.

As we celebrate the 64th Merdeka Day, our nation requires a new sense of direction, a fresh vision and unparalleled creative imaginations. Thus, Kiddocare would like to call upon our Malaysian parents to set our attention to what our children have to say and honour them as important contributors to our community, our society and our nation.

Join us this Merdeka and give your kids a chance to express themselves and their aspirations for the future of Malaysia through our Kids Do Care Contest!

Display your masterpiece for Malaysia to see and stand a chance to win an iPad, Samsung smartphones and many more! Just follow the simple steps and get recording!

How to participate?

1. Record a video of your child answering all 5 questions in the most creative way possible.
2. Submit the recorded video.
3. Register your free account here.
4. Sit tight and stay tuned for our winners’ announcement!

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