Lactomomma Milkbooster Cookies Basic Flavor Cranberry & White Choc


LactoMomma Milk Booster Cookies – No.1 selling milkbooster cookies in Malaysia! LactoMomma milk booster cookies are made with carefully selected lactogenic ingredients that are proven to help mothers increase the quality and quantity of breast milk supply.

Flavour : Cranberry & White Choc

Key Ingredients :

– Organic Rolled Oats

– Organic Halal Brewer’s Yeast

– Organic Golden Flaxseed

– Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

How To Eat : 2-4 pieces of cookies daily. Increase or decrease amount as needed. Pregnant mothers in the third trimester can start consuming 2 pieces daily to help prep the milk supply. Safe to consume during confinement. Recommended by lactation consultant.