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All-In-One cloth diapers with bookfold insert is designed to be as simple and easy to use as possible, at least 6 layers of absorbing fabric when folded (Bookfold Insert). Bookfold insert has 2 layers of fleece, 2 layers of cotton and 2 inner layers of microfiber for quick absorbency. Our bookfold insert dries faster than normal AIO cloth diaper. By flipping the insert ( bookfold style) you can choose dry side(microfleece) for nap and sleep, and wet side (cotton) for potty train. Athletic Wicking Jersey (AWJ) is used as the inner material make it simpler for clean up, and keeps your baby dry. Made with tummy panel to protect against leaks at night-time.

What is it made from?
The outer layer : Waterproof and breathable PUL.
The inner material : Athletic Wicking Jersey (AWJ) The insert is sewn to the shell with at least 6 layers of bamboo cotton, microfleece and microfibre when folded. 1 layer of microfibre in the middle. 1 layer of bamboo cotton and 1 layer of white polar microfleece insert is sewn at each end.

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