Book : When Love Heals Hate by Dr Murni Wan Mohd Nor


This is a heartfelt children’s book, lovingly crafted for young readers aged five to twelve. The author, Dr Murni Wan Mohd Nor poured her own experiences into its pages, drawing inspiration from real-life events that were close to her heart. At the center of this enchanting tale were two characters, both inspired by her beloved children, a daughter and a son. Through these characters, she shared a piece of her life, hoping to touch the hearts of many other children and their families.

This is the story of Afiya, a brave girl who overcomes her initial fears of adapting in her new environment. Her new friends help her to adapt and accept her, just as she is.

But one day, Afiya experiences a problem in school when her friend is bullied for his religious beliefs.

This is a story of LOVE and HOPE because it highlights that hate may ruin lives, but LOVE has the power to heal them.




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  • Not to mention was also endorsed by YB Puan Fadhlina Sidek, the Minister of Education for Malaysia.

Positive reviews:

“The rhythmic verses and rich illustrations bring to life simple, yet nuanced lessons about diversity. equality, and inclusion that will appeal to kids, parents, and educators everywhere.” -Farihah Fahmy, Global Head for Girls Education (Teach For All)

“Afiya’s story takes us back to our childhood. The story is an emotional reminder of the innocence of children, and their ability to see innate goodness in each other. Racism and biases develop in all of us, and this book is a great way to start conversations about diversity and racism with your children. It is also a necessary reminder for all of us grown-ups, that it is never ok to be mean to someone because they are different” – Deborah Henry, Founder of Fugee Org. & Humans Rights Advocate