[Online Webinar] Understanding Your Child’s Behaviour


Join us for an informative and engaging webinar on “Why does my child act like that?: Understanding Your Child’s Behaviour.” Led by experienced child experts, this webinar will provide parents with valuable insights and practical strategies for managing and supporting their child’s behaviour.

During the webinar, you will learn about common reasons why children may exhibit challenging behaviours, how to identify triggers, how to respond effectively to support positive behaviour and techniques for behaviour management.

Don’t miss out on this valuable opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of your child’s behaviour and create a stronger relationship with your child.

Date: Saturday, 27th May 2023
Time: 2.30 PM
Venue: Zoom (Online Webinar)

Book your slot now! *Limited to 100 seat only

Registration Fee: RM 20 per pax
i. Gain access to join the online webinar (you will receive the link 2-3 days before event day)
ii. Get access to join the Kiddocare Parents community where you get to chat & get to know other parents and discuss parenting topics

Key Takeways
What causes our child to misbehave?
How to win cooperation with your child
Is spanking is good to discipline your child? Find out better ways to get your child to listen to you!
Find out what’s your parenting style
Positive ways to guide your children

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