STEMtastic Care Package: ARTEC Robo Jr (4 Sessions of 4-Hour Babysitting Service)



Unleash your child’s inner engineer with the ARTEC Robo Jr! This innovative kit is a ticket to a world of creativity and STEM exploration. Let your child’s embark on exciting journeys, building simple robots and mastering network systems with ease.

What’s Included:

  • ARTEC Robo Jr Kit: All the components your child needs for endless robotics adventures.
  • 4 Sessions of 4-Hour Babysitting Service: Our carer can play the kit with your child!

Get ready to see your child’s creativity come to life with the ARTEC Robo Jr. Secure this STEMtastic Care Package today and empower them with the skills of the future! Ideal for parents who want both education and quality care for their children.

*Package is for Klang Valley area only.

Usage Period: Exclusive for bookings made for 20th Nov – 31st Dec 2023 (School Holiday)

Terms & Conditions:
1. This package is valid for bookings from 20th Nov to 31st Dec 2023
2. This package is only valid for booking of 4-hour sessions.
3. Payment for this package must be made up-front.
4. This package can only be purchased on the Kiddocare online shop.
5. Purchasing this package will entitle you to receive one (1) set of Artec Robo Jr.
6. A 7% platform fee will be imposed on all booked sessions
7. In total, package purchasers will have four (4) 4-hour sessions to claim for use per package.
8. The package entitles the user to claim four (4) 4-hour sessions with the hourly charge waived
9. The customer may purchase as many packages as they want.
10. Travelling allowance may be imposed upon booking to subsidize the carer’s traveling cost from areas that are further to attend to the customer’s booking.
11. The package is transferable and can be assigned to a different user, however, the package will be locked to the first user to use it in a booking.
12. All four (4) sessions can only be redeemed by one (1) user account, the package being locked to the first user account to use it.
13. This package can only be purchased by customers living in Klang Valley.
14. Customer will receive an email with instructions including the link to the booking form upon purchase.
15. Any sessions unused after 31st December 2023 will be forfeited.
16. Administrative and additional charges or surcharges will still apply if applicable
17. This package cannot be used with other discounts, offers, or packages
18. To make bookings, contact our customer service at 019 883 0175 or fill in the booking form directly that is available in your email after the purchase is made. The booking cannot be made directly on Kiddocare app.
19. Services to be rendered subject to carer availability
20. Sessions cannot be broken up and used for less than four (4) hours
21. Sessions can be extended to more than four (4) hours, extension charges will apply.
22. Upon cancellation of a booking made using the package 24 hours or more before the service session, the unused session is returned to the claimable pool. The administrative and other charges are not refundable. Unused sessions cannot be refunded in cash but can be redeemed in later bookings. If cancellation is made at the last minute (less than 24 hours before service is due to start), the session will be considered forfeit, subject to management discretion.
23. Refunds are not available for this package.
24. Other terms and conditions stated in our web, app, or communications still apply.