STEAM Play: HOL Air & Water Pressure Robot Kit


A fun way to teach your child how air and water can be used to move objects, tools, machines, and other things!

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About product:

  • This kit includes a step-by-step study guide to perform experiments that will help your child gain knowledge about the differences in pressure when using water and air
  • Can be used for up to 5 experiments


Recommended Age: 7-8 years old


What’s in The Box: 

  • Cubic block
  • Triangle block
  • Cuboid block A
  • Cuboid block b
  • Rotator
  • Eye
  • Tube
  • Joint
  • Syringe


What you need to prepare:

  • Container
  • Water


Learning outcomes:

  • Get a good understanding of force and how it moves things
  • Use syringe and Artec Blocks to learn about the pressure and how it works


Skills developed:

  • Introduction to forces