Gift Card [6-hour of babysitting session worth RM120]


This gifting season, surprise a family member, friend, and colleague with a Gift Card of your choice! We are sure they would appreciate this gift. Give them what every parent look forward to. Some ME or WE-TIME not having to worry about the kids.

*Gift Card is valid for 90 days from date of purchase

How it works:
1. Grab the gift card from our website.
2. A unique code will be sent to your registered email address.
3. Go to our Kiddocare app to make your booking.
4. Enter the unique code in the ‘Discount Code’ field upon checkout.

What do our babysitters do?
a. They are not maids or helpers, and do not do housework, take care of pets or the elderly.
b. They travel to your preferred location for babysitting service. This can be at the your house, event or any other location specified by the client.
c. They accompany and keep the children safe while adhering to Kiddocare’s SOP.
d. They engage children with fun games and enrichment activities.
e. They bathe, feed, clothe and ensure the cleanliness of the child as needed (light cleaning).
f. They provide constant updates to you during service with monitoring from admins on duty.

What is the process like when our babysitters arrive at your house?
a. Our babysitters will arrive 15 minutes earlier before the scheduled session.
b. They will change into a new set of clothes upon arrival of service.
c. They will sanitize and wash hands at regular intervals.
d. They will then take care and attend to your children once the scheduled session begins.
e. Our babysitters will bathe, feed and clothe your children as needed.
f. They will engage, play and entertain your children with activities suitable with their age.
g. They will clean up after playing as part of babysitter-child activities.
h. They will also provide hourly updates to you throughout the session.

How to transfer/gift the package to others:
1. Forward the email to the person receiving this package.
2. Should the receiver use another email to register and make their bookings, we will be re-confirming with him/her for the details of the purchaser of this package, which is you. However, this may cause delays.
3. It is both your responsibility and the receiver’s to keep the code secure at all times.
4. Once the code is used and approved, we will lock the code to the first user to use it in subsequent bookings.

Terms & Conditions:

1. This gift-card is valid for 90 days from the date of purchase.
2. This gift-card can only be purchased on Kiddocare online shop.
3. The gift-card cannot be exchanged for cash & non-refundable.
4. During service booking, if the value of the service exceeds the value of the gift card, the difference thereof should be paid by the bearer
5. If the value of the service is less than the amount stated in the gift card, then the difference thereof shall not be refunded to the bearer
6. 7% platform fee will be imposed when the session is redeemed, based on the total transaction amount
7. The gift card is transferable and can be assigned to a different user for one time use only
8. Customers are responsible to keep their codes secure.
9. Other surcharges will still apply if applicable
10. This package cannot be used with other discounts, offers or packages.
11. Services to be rendered is subject to carer availability.
12. Sessions can be extended however extension charges of RM25 per hour will apply.
13. Upon cancellation of a booking made using the gift-card 24 hours or more before service session, the unused session is returned to the claimable pool, the administrative and other charges are not refundable. Unused sessions cannot be refunded in cash, but can be redeemed in later bookings. Rescheduling fee of RM25 will be imposed when new booking is placed.
14. If cancellation is made at the last minute (less than 24 hours before service is due to start), the session will be considered forfeit, without any refund.
15. If an assigned carer withdraws from the service, Kiddocare will attempt to find a replacement. Client also has a choice of postponing the service to a later date, with rescheduling fee waived. For this gift card, no refund will be provided.
16. The session cannot be broken up into two or more sessions.
17. Other terms and conditions of service stated in our web, app or communications still apply.